Papaoikonomou Asterios Company, located in Drymos Thessaloniki, was founded in 1978 and it is a Greek company which specializes in the production and import of furniture lining raw materials.
During the years the company has also expanded its imports in the area of bed mattresses products and since then has been using the brand name * Pasterco* .
Pasterco is now in position to distribute upholstery and mattresses materials of great quality. It is considered to be one of the best companies in its section in Greece.


The philosophy of our company is to create strong relationships with our customers, turning these relationships into longlasting and powerful bond
Our ultimate goal is to become the best supplier for each producer who wishes to offer high quality products to the market of furniture and mattresses, combined with competitive prices

Quilted velvet foam – Velutino wadding – Accopiato

Pasterco with extensive experience in the production of Quilted velvet foam – Velutino wadding – Accopiato in various colors, has as its main criterion the quality and specifications of the product